Managed Security with Fortinet

Busch Consulting - Seminar Series

Securing Your Network

How do you,
- Protect yourself from hackers?
- Sleep at night and not worry about the Hassles of network Security?

"As security threats continue to evolve, it is imperative that organizations take a strategic approach to ensure maximum protection. Traditional approaches to security have gravitated toward separate "point solutions" to meet the demands of the ever-changing threat landscape. This approach has proved to be costly, complex, and resource-intensive. As technologies have matured, a new approach has emerged that not only provides superior security, but also decreases capital and operational costs. Join Fortinet and Busch Consulting for lunch and learn how to take a more strategic approach to your security infrastructure. This Seminar targets the decision maker responsible for security in an organization"

Date: Tuesday, October 12th
Audience Decision Makers, Managers non technical
Speakers: Bryan Wood
Manager of Western US Sales, Fortinet
Matthias Busch
CEO, Busch Consulting

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