Watch Dog Service

Your in-house “tech person” fixes every problem you report—but what if those problems could be fixed before you even notice them?

Busch Consulting's Watchdog Service is an ideal addition to your in-house tech staff. Our Microsoft Certified Professionals monitor your network 24x7. If something begins to break down we’ll notify you immediately so it can be taken care of quickly—possibly before it becomes a problem.

In addition, if your in-house staff needs support, you have access to our help desk. Our technicians are available to help you with fixes, changes, and upgrades to your system at a reduced hourly rate.

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24x7 Monitoring

Microsoft Certified Professionals constantly monitor for hardware failures, corrupted files, viruses, spyware, and many other potential problems. We’ll also make sure your daily backup is working properly, so if your system fails, your backup won’t.

Patch Management and Security Updates

We’ll keep your computers updated with the latest patches. No need to rely on your employees to download them—we force them to each computer so you don’t have to think about it.

Monthly Executive Reports

Just as you review monthly financial reports to keep track of your business; our executive reports help you keep track of your computer system’s health.

Complete Documentation and Inventory Management

Easily know the details of your computer system. We keep documentation of hardware, operating systems, and software. Armed with this knowledge, you can assess upgrade and replacement needs.

Help Desk Access

When you need extra help with software or hardware, it’s available. Call, e-mail, or enter a ticket in our Customer Portal. Remote and on-site tech support is available at a reduced hourly rate.

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