Falling prey to cybercrime
is only a matter of time

Don't leave yourself open to lawsuits, hefty noncompliance penalties, or lost credibility. More and more businesses are falling victim to hacking schemes, which is why ensuring the security of your data is more important than ever. A FREE security assessment from Busch Consulting, Inc. will reveal any gaps in your defenses and the proper security controls to integrate into your technology environment.



Malicious software usually hidden in a link or email attachment.



Fraudulent emails that appear to be sent by a reliable source.


Man-In-The-Middle Attacks

Hackers intercept business communications to steal credentials or personal info.


Denial-Of-Service Attacks

Prevent your employees and customers from accessing systems and networks.


SQL Injections

Use of malicious code to attempt to destroy your database.


Zero-Day Exploits

Hackers leverage software vulnerabilities before they are resolved.

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Highly Efficient and Seamless

Highly Efficient and Seamless

We appreciate Busch Consulting because we can focus on our core business and not on broken computers, viruses, or internet issues. They understand how to make IT support highly efficient and seamless, from workstations to remote access, smartphone integration, server, back-ups, and the list goes on. ...Read More

Hawaii Engineering Services Inc.

Busch Consulting, Inc. Saved Us

Busch Consulting, Inc. Saved Us

We asked Busch Consulting to help us implement a backup and disaster recovery strategy. Busch Consulting recommended and installed a backup and DR appliance to protect us. Four weeks later, disaster struck and our server died. We had 40 staff members without access to critical data. We called Busch Consulting ...Read More

Education and Technology Coordinator Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument
NOAA/Office of the National Marine Sanctuaries

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