One of our best investments!

Michael Elhoff

We appreciate BCI because we can focus on our core business and not broken computers, viruses, or internet issues. BCI understands how to make IT support highly efficient and seamless from workstations to remote access, smart phone integration, server, back-ups, and the list goes on. We believe our support contract with BCI is one of the best investments we have made to help our business grow. They are professional, trustworthy and intelligent.

Hawaii Engineering Services Inc.

What Disk Failure?

RG Geiling

Last weekend a disk died in our fileserver. BCI's 24x7 monitoring immediately picked up on the problem. We had an engineer onsite on Sunday morning to replace the failing drive. We never missed a beat and Monday morning was business as usual.

IT Manager
Hawaii Federal Credit Union

What Server Failure?

Andy Collins

We asked Busch Consulting to help us implement a backup and disaster recovery strategy. BCI recommended and installed a backup and DR Appliance to protect us. Four weeks later disaster struck and our server died. We had 40 staff members without access to critical data. We called BCI, 2 hours later an engineer was onsite virtualized our server and restored access to critical data. The backup solution from BCI saved us and prevented days of downtime.

Education and Technology Coordinator Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument
NOAA/Office of the National Marine Sanctuaries

I am so thrilled!

Michelle Bartell

Wow! Thank you for working with us on the wireless network project. I am so happy we were able to work with you on it and I am thrilled we now have a secure and reliable network! I appreciate your professionalism, guidance and patience throughout the process as well. Not to mention your generosity and flexibility in providing us the best possible network at an incredibly competitive price. I am so grateful for your support of Montessori Community School!

Director of Development
Montessori Community School

A Fantastic Solution!

Michael Turner PT,OCS, MTC

Busch consulting has been a fantastic solution for our small business IT needs. They have worked very closely with us to establish the level of hardware and software support, security, and data back required for our particular organization. More importantly as issues have cropped up they have always been extremely responsive with a quick effective resolution. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Physical Therapist & Personal Trainer Owner / Manager
OrthoSport Hawaii