Business Continuity

Busch Consulting provides comprehensive compliant protection throughout the Hawaiian Islands.

Business Continuity plans from Busch Consulting ensure your business can survive the worst types of emergencies. We make sure your data, operations, and IT infrastructure are well-maintained, stable, and immediately recoverable after a disaster. This way, you can rest easy knowing your business can survive any catastrophe.

Our Backup & Disaster Recovery service is an important part of our Business Continuity offering, focused primarily on getting your company back online quickly after a disaster has struck. Our specialists will develop a straightforward process so employees can work remotely, customers will continue to be helped, and computer downtime is minimized.

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Backup Testing
We make sure your data is safely backed up and not corrupted.
Global Redundancy
Backup copies of your files will be stored in multiple secure locations.
Advanced Security
We protect your data with application whitelisting, perimeter firewalls, and more.
Simple Procedures
We provide clear, concise processes that all your employees can understand.

Our Services

Managed Services

We make sure your office IT is always running optimally.

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We prevent hackers from breaching your systems.

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Business Continuity

We ensure your business survives after catastrophes.

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IT Consulting

We help you decide on the right software and hardware.

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Voice Solutions

We provide you with a better, more affordable system.

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Cloud Computing

We enable your employees to work securely from anywhere.

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