Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Services for Your Hawaii Business

Data backups and disaster recovery plans are essential for your Hawaii business to ensure you have an accessible copy of your data files at all times. At Busch Consulting, we understand that whether you experience a data breach, server outage, or natural disaster, an emergency of any kind can set your Honolulu company back in lost time and money. That’s why we make it a point to offer some of the most comprehensive and compliant data backup and recovery solutions on the Hawaiian Islands.

Our data backup and disaster recovery services include redundant backups, which are constantly tested to ensure accuracy and availability, as well as strategic plans to make sure your Hawaii business can survive even the worst catastrophes. In the meantime, we focus on maintaining a stable IT infrastructure that can be immediately restored if needed, giving you greater peace of mind.

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Hawaii’s Top Backup & Disaster Recovery Services

Busch Consulting’s advanced backup & disaster recovery services provide a range of benefits that help your Hawaii business thrive, even if an emergency occurs.

Work from Home
Our specialists develop straightforward plans uniquely tailored to your business to facilitate remote work for your employees. These plans ensure your customers are still served and downtime is kept to a minimum on your remote network.
Save Time and Money
Data loss is expensive, but with data backups always on hand, you can rest assured that your business can avoid the major costs associated with data restoration.
Maintain Productivity
We help you get back online as quickly as possible after an emergency, meaning you will be able to maintain productivity without significant downtime.
Restore Your Files
Our redundant backups guarantee that you will have an accessible copy of your valuable data files at all times, even if a disaster occurs.

Our Backup and Disaster Recovery Process

Backup Testing

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We make sure your data is safely backed up and tested for integrity.

Global Redundancy

Backup copies of your files will be stored in multiple secure locations.

Monitoring & Reporting


Our backup processes, replication, and integrity are monitored 24x7 and addressed by technicians. You receive monthly reports keeping you informed of our work.

Simple Procedures

We provide clear, concise processes that all your employees can understand.

Advanced Security

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We keep your backup data encrypted on separate systems to minimize the risk of contamination in case of a security incident.

Our Services

Remote Access

We enable your employees to work securely from anywhere.

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Managed IT Services

We make sure your office IT is always running optimally.

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We protect your systems to help prevent hackers from breaching your systems.

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Backup & DR

We ensure your business survives after catastrophes.

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Voice Solutions

We provide you with a better, more affordable telephony system.

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Cloud Computing

We host your critical applications in our secure data center.

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