Advanced Voice Solutions for Hawaii Businesses

At Busch Consulting, we believe in making communication easier for your Hawaii business in every way—whether you need full voice solutions management or supplemental telecommunication services to add to your existing systems.

That’s why our voice solutions use an internet-based, enterprise-quality phone system for a small-business price. Our VoIP system is easy to operate and scale, giving you the flexibility to increase your Honolulu company’s size without increasing your telecommunication capital costs. With Busch Consulting by your side, communication between your team and customers will be smoother than ever before.

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Cost-Effective Voice Solutions
On a traditional telephony system, more employees means more phone lines and ultimately more capital costs. When you choose our VoIP system instead, you sidestep those expenses. Busch Consulting’s voice solutions can be customized to the size of your growing workforce with just a click of a mouse.
Easy-to-Use VoIP Features
Our VoIP system offers all the communication features your business needs and more. We provide you with conferencing, advanced voicemail, texting, and recording capabilities. No extra training required; the interface is intuitive and simple so your employees can get right to work.
Voice Solutions for a Remote Workforce
Our voice solutions are flexible, easy to move, and the perfect answer for a remote workforce—no matter if one or all of your employees work from home. You don’t have to worry about sending physical phone sets to each remote employee. All they need is an existing mobile phone or internet, computer and headset.
Reliable Phone Systems and Support
Landlines are susceptible to power outages out of your control, but our VoIP system works even when you lose power or internet. Busch Consulting’s voice solutions allows you to reroute your calls to your cell phone, giving you the opportunity to experience a higher uptime than ever before.

We also provide timely support so you never have to face a problem alone. Our specialists will tackle any telecommunication issue and let you focus on running your business. With our VoIP system in place, you’ll experience simpler, more reliable communication at a lower price.

Our IT Services

Remote Access

We enable your employees to work securely from anywhere.

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Managed IT Services

We make sure your office IT is always running optimally.

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We protect your systems to help prevent hackers from breaching your systems.

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Backup & DR

We ensure your business survives after catastrophes.

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Voice Solutions

We provide you with a better, more affordable telephony system.

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Cloud Computing

We host your critical applications in our secure data center.

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