Managed Services

Managed Services by Busch Consulting help business owners run more efficient operations. Our engineers monitor your systems 24/7/365, proactively maintain your network, and even provide on-site support when necessary.

This means minimal disruptions so you can focus on your core processes, and we also implement cutting-edge software so you can gain an edge over your competitors.

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We’re your security guard in the digital world. Busch Consulting's WatchDog technicians will be a first line of defense for your business. They will monitor your network security around the clock, recommend strategic system upgrades, and urgently resolve any cyberattacks.
  • 24/7 MONITORING: We scour your systems to detect and resolve system errors that could potentially be used by hackers.
  • PATCHES AND UPDATES: We eliminate security gaps by deploying automatic updates to each of your workstations.
  • MONTHLY EXECUTIVE REPORTS: We provide in-depth reports listing the health of your IT infrastructure from the previous month.
  • INVENTORY MANAGEMENT: We record every detail about your hardware and software so you will know when to upgrade or replace.
  • HELP DESK ASSISTANCE: We are on call 24/7/365 to address your concerns, and can even deploy to your office for on-site assistance.

Platinum Care

Platinum Care clients receive immediate attention when IT problems arise. By implementing Busch Consulting’s recommended solutions, you’ll experience 99.99% system uptime. Platinum Care is designed to help you improve productivity, maintain healthy computer systems, and spend less on IT.
  • ALL WATCHDOG FEATURES: We make sure your IT infrastructure is risk-free with our all-inclusive security services.
  • UNLIMITED SUPPORT: We charge a fixed monthly rate so you won’t have to worry about fees each time you call.
  • PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE: We continuously monitor and test your network and backups to practically eliminate system downtime.
  • DISASTER RECOVERY PROTECTION: We prepare your business for emergencies so you can recover within hours, not days.
  • MANAGED MALWARE PROTECTION: We stay up to date with the latest defenses so you stay a step ahead of hackers.
  • SPAM PREVENTION: We make sure your inbox is free from junk mail and the dangerous links and attachments they often contain.
  • CONSULTING AND QUARTERLY REVIEWS: We make cost-conscious recommendations to help you budget for important upgrades.

Our Services

Remote Access

We enable your employees to work securely from anywhere.

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Managed Services

We make sure your office IT is always running optimally.

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We protect your systems to help prevent hackers from breaching your systems.

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Backup & DR

We ensure your business survives after catastrophes.

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Voice Solutions

We provide you with a better, more affordable telephony system.

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Cloud Computing

We host your critical applications in our secure data center.

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