remote work challenges
These days, everyone is working remotely, it seems. But while the pandemic that’s caused a surge in remote work has certainly not been fun, there are some perks to remote work. Snacks are available round the clock, the commute is great, and it’s fun to keep your pets around as “coworkers.” That said, there can be challenges of remote work if you’re not properly prepared to operate from several different locations. Both employers and employees report difficulties with lack of resources, slower workflow, and lack of communication, among other issues. So what are the challenges of remote work, and how can you combat them? Many of these problems stem back to how reliable your technology is and how well it can handle remote operations. If your remote workforce faces some of these struggles, here are a few ways managed IT services can help smooth out some of these major bumps:

Challenge #1: Working From Home Leaves Many Feeling Disconnected

The lack of human interaction can make many remote workers feel disconnected. In fact, 43% of remote workers said they were left out of meetings or important brainstorming sessions, and 25% said they couldn’t find the correct tool to contact someone.

Solution: Proper Communication Tools

Proper communication tools are essential for remote workers. Email simply isn’t enough, especially when there are so many other tools available. Tools like Zoom and VoIP phone systems allow employees to answer phone calls from home and be involved in important meetings. You can also encourage your employees to use features like team chats. This gives remote workers an opportunity to collaborate frequently with colleagues.

Challenge #2: Remote Workers Struggle With Access to Resources

According to the 2020 State of the Digital Workspace report, 35% of remote workers are frustrated with lack of access to important documents or information. If something is missing, an employee needs to wait for someone at the office to send the information, go to the office to retrieve the resource, or figure out another way to complete the task. Obviously, none of these outcomes are ideal.

Solution: Cloud Computing

A cloud computing service is a simple way to resolve this problem. This solution gives all employees access to the data and resources they need whenever they need it. It’s a streamlined, efficient, and safe way to keep resources accessible .

Challenge #3: Hackers Prey on Remote Workers

Unfortunately, another challenge of remote work is that it opens a company to increased security risks. Hackers, in particular, look for companies with minimal security standards. If you’re wondering if your company is at risk, consider this: How easy is it for your workers to access company data? Did you change your security policies when your employees started working remotely? Did you inform your workers of these new policies?

Solution: Cybersecurity Solutions

The solution to this problem, of course, is better cybersecurity. In the aforementioned survey, 28% of workers said they didn’t receive enough information about updated policies or processes. You can combat the problem by implementing some of the latest cybersecurity options, like multi-factor authentication, auto-updates, and a password vault.

Final Thoughts

Even if you’re facing the challenges of remote work, there are plenty of ways to alleviate them. Busch Consulting offers cloud computing, communication tools like VoIP, cybersecurity solutions, and other managed IT services in Honolulu and the surrounding areas to help facilitate smoother, safer remote work. If you need to streamline your remote work, we can help. Together, we’ll create a plan that helps your employees with day-to-day challenges and keeps your information secure but accessible for those who need it. Contact us for a free assessment today!